I'm Joshua Anderson.  My tech startup focused on expanding computer science access is Accelerant.

Why this blog?

This blog is a living document.  Its purpose may change.  For now, it has the following goals:

Writing daily

I want to write every day.  A lot of these posts are journal-style, or personal retrospectives.  For some, that means that I'll keep them private.  For ones that may benefit everyone, or where I desire semi-public accountability, I'll publish them.


Sometimes, I want to try out a new technology, or skill, either for personal growth, or professional reasons.  When I do so, I'd love to chart my progress here.  In the case that I learn something interesting, or valuable, I'd love to share it, in the hope that it helps someone.

Thinking out loud

Occasionally, I may use this blog to do deep-dives into topics. Writing down sources and thought processes helps me think more clearly, and helps others see the thought process I took. Feel free to point out to me (constructively) where my thought process may have aired, or important things I may have missed.  


Drop me a line for business inquiries, thoughts, or just to say hi.
joshuatanderson1 [at] [google's mail service]

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